How I Graduated College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Four Months

How I Graduated College with a Bachelor's Degree in Four Months

I started my college education 23 years ago at my local community college. I never really liked school, but in my family, it was pretty much expected that I go. This is the story of how i graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in four months.

For the first few semesters of school I did okay but I really wasn’t learning anything I hadn’t already learned. College, especially community college, felt like an extension of high school without gum under the desks. The biggest mistake I made was not have a drive to succeed. It was good enough for me to just get by.

After four semesters of community college, I transferred to a four year program at a university. By this time I should have had at least my associates degree, but I didn’t have the required amount of credits. So on to the university I went. What a party! I was living on campus in a dorm with a buddy of mine from high school and I was quickly introduced to a whole new set of friends. Friends that liked to party! To say that I did horribly is an understatement.

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