Driving for Lyft

Driving for Lyft

I have been driving for Lyft for a while now and there are some things that I have learned along the way. There is a lot of stuff that comes naturally, especially if you are a customer service oriented person. I try to go above and beyond for every passenger. Obviously you can’t and won’t please everyone but trying is a must. And of course, anything you can do to help yourself is important.

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Here are some helpful tips to keep passengers and driver happy.

Get the Rider’s Name
Always ask the rider their name before they get in the car. By this I mean don’t repeat their name given to you by the app. Ask for their name. By asking for a rider’s name you save a lot of hassle when you realize that you just picked up the wrong passenger.

Ask for Directions
I always like to confirm the rider’s destination with them prior to starting the trip. I also ask if the rider wants to go a particular way or just let Google Maps take us there. This helps a lot with rider frustration, especially when they know the best way to get somewhere.  When you pull up to what you think is their destination, confirm where they would like to be let out. Some riders want front door service, some don’t. Go the extra mile and find out what will make them happy.

Phone Chargers
Always have an assortment of chargers available for your riders and let them know you have them.  In my experience, most people have iPhones and it seems that iPhone batteries die quickly.  A lot of people won’t notice you have a charger or don’t want to ask, so always make sure to let them know that you have a charger just for them.

I use a Multi USB Charger Cable and a USB Smart Port Charger. With these items I can keep my phone charging and also let the passengers use the charger.

Drive Well
Drive like your grandmother is in the car and she is carrying three dozen eggs in her lap.  Your riders will appreciate not feeling like they are going to die on the way to their destination.

Barf Bags
I usually drive on the weekends.  People like to party on the weekends.  People drink too much on the weekends.  Save yourself from having to clean up the vomit in the back seat while also saving the rider from paying a hefty cleaning fee.

Pickup these Disposable Vomit Bags. They will save you a lot of mess and don’t cost very much.

Keep it Clean
It doesn’t really matter what car you drive.  Just make sure it is clean.  I always carry a kit in the trunk that includes cleaning supplies for the inside and always get the car washed once a week.  Riders appreciate a clean vehicle.

Ask for Tips
It is a tricky business asking for a tip from a rider and you may risk offending them.  I have a sign in the back seat to inform riders that tips are not included in their fare and to give me a 5 star rating.  This seems to amuse some people but it serves a purpose – making more money.

Uber Lyft Rating Tips Appreciated Rideshare Driver Signs are a great conversation starter as well as a gentle reminder to tip an rate the driver 5 stars.

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