How Much Do You Make Driving for Lyft?

How Much Do You Make Driving For Lyft

I’ve have been driving for Lyft a while now and people often ask me how much money I make. This is kind of a tricky question. There is a rate card that Lyft provides that shows how much you make for every trip you accept. This is based on the area you drive in. For example, I live in the Los Angeles area I get $0.795 per mile plus $0.1275 per minute with a minimum rate of $2.625. There are also referral bonuses. These are bonuses you receive for every ride you give up to a predetermined amount. Use this Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Link to get a sign up to get a bonus of up to $825. For this example though, I’ll just use my average rate to figure how much you make driving for Lyft.

On a typical Saturday night I make around $140 for about 5 hours of work – not including tips. This translates to about $28 per hour. Considering I drive an ex-cop car that gets around 15 – 17 miles per gallon, I have to fill up my tank after one shift – around $40. Now I’m at about $20 per hour. Of course this does not factor in oil changes and other maintenance, but I would have to do that anyway. And an extra 600 miles per month on the car is not going to break the bank.

So, how much do you make driving for lyft?

Approximately $20 per hour depending on the vehicle you drive. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but this is about what I make. Your mileage may vary.

It is very important to keep track of your mileage for tax purposes and your gas and maintenance costs. This helps when trying to figure out how much you actually make.

The money you make can really increase by driving a larger vehicle, like a van, or a luxury vehicle. These types of vehicles get a better rate from Lyft. If you own a van or a luxury vehicle you can make close to 5 times the regular rate!

If you are interested in driving for Lyft, use this Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Link to get up to $825 in bonuses.

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